R-454B: Refrigerant of the Future

R-454B to Replace R-410A Refrigerant by 2023
Heil® Engineers Select R-454B as a Lower Global Warming Potential Solution

After extensive testing and evaluation, engineers at Heil® Heating & Cooling Products have selected R-454B to replace R-410A refrigerant in all of its ducted residential and light commercial packaged solutions sold in North America. 

This refrigerant of the future is expected to surpass anticipated 2023 regulations.

With a global warming potential (GWP) of 466 — about one-fifth that of R-410A — R-454B refrigerant was chosen as the preferred solution to help:

Check out the Q&A below for more information about R-454B.

Q: Why did Heil Heating & Cooling Products decide to use R-454B to replace R-410A?

A: Based on the United Nations Montreal Protocol phase-down plan for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), R-454B was selected as the preferred refrigerant to balance environmental impact, product performance, safety, and longevity. R-454B also has a GWP of 466 — about one-fifth the GWP of R-410A. 

Q: Why wasn't R-32 chosen for ducted residential and light commercial products? 

A: R-32 has a higher GWP at 675.

R-454B was selected for Heil ducted residential and light commercial products because it has a lower GWP with good reliability and performance. It is also expected to have significantly better equipment longevity than alternatives. Other applications may have a different solution, but engineers at Heil feel R-454B is well-suited for its ducted residential and light commercial products. 

Q: When will we transition to R-454B? 

A: The transition to R-454B will begin in 2023. It will eventually replace the current R-410A refrigerant in all Heil ducted residential and light commercial products sold in North America.

Q: Why is the transition to R-454B beginning in 2023?

A: The industry and its regulators are introducing new building codes and safety standards that are scheduled to take effect in 2023. As a manufacturer, we want to be ready when those new regulations commence. In addition, California will be banning R-410A in new equipment in 2023.

Q: Is this product 100% safe? 

A: Some of the lowest GWP alternatives to R-410A are mildly flammable. Heil Heating & Cooling Products has been working closely with regulators and research groups to develop safety standards, codes and regulations to help ensure the use of R-454B is safe.

Q: Why isn't R-454B going to be used in all Heil products?

A: While R-454B will be the refrigerant utilized in ducted residential and light commercial applications, Heil Heating & Cooling Products remains committed to using the best-suited refrigerant solution for each application as the need arises.

Heil Heating & Cooling Products is excited about choosing R-454B as its long-term refrigerant solution. Contact your regional business manager and look for additional details on www.GoHeil.com as we prepare to transition from R-410A.