Free Training Credits for Elite Dealers

How to Access Your
Heil Elite Dealer Training Credits 

Did you know…
…that all dealers who were Heil Elite Dealers as of December 31, 2017 received 4 free training credits to use on My Learning Center courses in 2018? This benefit is just one of many you receive for being a Heil Elite Dealer. 

How do I access my free credits? 
The code to redeem your credits in My Learning Center was sent to your distributor. Contact your distributor to receive your My Learning Center code.  

What courses can I use my credits for? 
Below is a list of classes you can choose from to use these credits. The credits are good for 4 courses, and all courses will count towards your annual factory training hours required to maintain Elite Dealer status. 

Course Name
Business Best Practices with Financing
Cam Marston  Management & Retention 1  Nine Box Square
Cam Marston  Management & Retention 2  The Generation X Manager
Cam Marston  Management & Retention 3  Life Stages, Management Insights, & Mentors
Cam Marston  Management & Retention 4  Annual Reviews, Rewards & Recognition
Cam Marston  Management & Retention 5  Managing Generations Older Than You
Cam Marston  Recruiting 1 – You’re Selling Your Workplace
Cam Marston  Recruiting 2  Workplace Interviews
Cam Marston  Recruiting 3  Job Expectations & Millennial Wants
Cam Marston  Recruiting 4  Employee Handbook
Cam Marston  Sales & Service 1  Matures & Generational Differences
Cam Marston  Sales & Service 2  Baby Boomers
Cam Marston  Sales & Service 3  Generation X
Cam Marston  Sales & Service 4  Millennials
Clarifying a Buyer's Needs
Customer Service Leadership
Customer Service Persuasion
Customer Service Superiority
Customer Service Teamwork
Finding Capacity, Promoting Agreements
Hiring Good Sales Talent
Introduction to SPIN Questions
Reviewing Performance, Coaching Behavior
Running a Service Agreement Program
The Market is Right for Service Agreements
Training Comfort Consultants
Using Financing as a Sales Tool
Customer Service Attitude

What else should I know? 
These codes will be good through December 31, 2018. Don’t miss out!