Introducing Let Us Help You from AdVantageSM

 Let Us Help You
Targeted Neighborhood Direct Mail Completed for You!

Don’t have the time or know-how to execute an effective direct mail campaign this summer? Let AdVantageSM do the work for you!  

How does Let Us Help You work? 

Signing up is easy!

1. Click Heil Let Us Help You 2018 Spring/Summer” at the top of your My Heil AdVantage Portal.
2. Verify your company information in the pre-populated fields.
3. Select the number of jobs you want to promote: 20, 30 or 40. 
4. Select a Lead Generation card type. Add any coupon, financing or warranty offers if desired. 
5. Select a Thank You card type. Add a coupon offer if desired. 
6. Provide your contact information for proofing or questions. 
7. Click Pay Now and that’s it—you’re all set! 

Wondering how to access AdVantage?