Don't Miss It: New ALUMINUM Multi-Family Fan Coils

Heil® Aluminum Multi-Family Fan Coils are
Built for Quality, Performance and Installation Ease

Change is good...especially when it improves the reliability and performance of a product for customers while making installation easier for dealers.

So, let's talk about why the Heil multi-family fan coils are transitioning from a tin-plated fabrication to a new aluminum coil design.

The new Heil FMA4 and FMU/C4Z multi-family fan coils are equipped with aluminum coils to deliver improved quality and reliability.

Key Features/Benefits of the New Aluminum Multi-Family Fan Coils

Additional Product Information
Product Specifications, Installation Instructions and Combination Ratings for the new aluminum multi-family fan coils are available on

Transition Timing
Contact your distributor for information about availability in your area.

2018 Product Line-Up

Model Phase-Out
With the phase-in of the new aluminum coils, the following models will be phased-out.

Phased-Out Models

*With the transition to aluminum, the FMU/C4P models with NOT be included in the 2018 product line-up.

With improved quality and reliability, you don't want to miss the new Heil FMA4 and FMU/C4Z aluminum multi-family fan coils. Contact your distributor today to order yours in time for the summer building season!