Looking for Sales Strategies that Actually Work?


Sales Strategies that Work
Sell Up by Selling Down
Three Magic Words 
Turning Objections into Opportunities

Could your close rate use improvement? Tired of only selling entry-level, low-margin equipment? Tired of customer objections costing you sales? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the series How to Increase Sales is for you.  

Led by Bob Gee, these courses present proven strategies for closing more sales, selling more high-efficiency equipment and overcoming customer objections. 

Sell Up by Selling Down
Customers want more than just HVAC equipment and accessories—they want value. Cookie cutter options are rarely the best option because they won’t provide customers with the value they desire. Learn how to present home comfort systems using customized Best—Better—Good options to achieve a maximum close rate. 

Three Magic Words 
Learn how to develop a buyer’s needs survey that incorporates the needs of the buyer into a new home comfort system. Use the three magic words “you told me” to head off objections and gain the buyer’s commitment to your proposal. 

Turning Objections into Opportunities
Objections are the last hurdle to closing a sale. They generally fall into one of three main types: Real, Excuse or Hidden. This course presents a proven seven-step process for handling resistance and overcoming objections.

About the Presenter: 
Bob Gee achieved extraordinary success during a 20+ year career in sales, even being named National Salesman of the Year for the Whirlpool Corporation at the age of 33. For the past 20 years he has shown over 15,000 salespeople how to achieve extraordinary success and coached over 2,500 small businesses on how to “create a company that people love to work for and customers love to buy from.” He has motivated and inspired owners, managers and salespeople to achieve more in their lives and businesses by understanding the value of “forming the habit of success” and showing them how to do it.

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