Looking to Stand Out From All the Clutter?



Personalize & Track Your Next
Direct Mail Campaign with AdVantageSM

When you run a direct mail campaign to promote your business to potential customers, you face two key challenges:

1. How do you ensure your mailer stands out from the clutter? 

2. How do you know which direct mail pieces are working?  

AdVantageSM just rolled out two new enhancements to help you overcome these challenges. These new features are easy to use and available at no additional cost!

1. Personalized Direct Mail

Interacting with your customers on a first name basis helps your company connect with them on a personal level. According to a recent study by InfoTrends, over 84% of U.S. consumers reported that personalization made them more likely to open a direct mail piece.1   

AdVantage now offers you the option to personalize your direct mail campaigns. Add your customer’s name to your lead generation, service reminder or thank-you cards to make them more personal and improve your response rate. It’s easy to do and doesn’t cost extra. 

Follow these simple steps to personalize your next custom mailer:

1. On the “Card Editor” screen, click “Name” from the menu at the top of the proof.

2. Format and style the salutation in the pop up window and click “OK.” 

3. Move the salutation into the ideal location on the card. 

4. If you do not like the finished product, click on the sample salutation and the pop up window will reappear. 

5. Approve the proof and move on to “Recipients” to complete your order.

2. Unique Tracking Codes 

After you’ve sent a few rounds of direct mail campaigns containing offers and you start to see responses, you need to figure out which campaigns are yielding results. 

Unique tracking codes make tracking the success of your direct mail campaign easy: 

  • Each customer will have a code that is unique to their address.
  • Each offer will contain a unique number so you will know which offer drove the highest number of responses.
  • Scan the bar code through the AdVantage Mobile App or manually enter it into your AdVantage portal at the time of service to track the results of your campaign. 

This feature does NOT cost extra.

Follow these simple steps to add tracking codes your next custom mailer:

1. Once you have your coupons in place on the “Card Editor” screen, click “Coupon” from the menu at the top of the proof. 

2. Click “Add a tracking code!” in the pop-up window.

3. Type a unique set of characters into the tracking label box and click “OK.” 

4. AdVantage will generate a bar code. Move the bar code into the desired location on the coupon. 

5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 as needed for any additional coupons. 

6. Approve the proof and move on to “Recipients” to complete your order.

Scan the barcode from the homeowner’s location using the FREE AdVantage Mobile App or enter the code manually through your AdVantage portal. The customer will be automatically added to your Customer List and the offer will be recorded for review at your convenience in the Sales Tracking Report.  

Wondering how to access the AdVantage program?

  • Go to www.GoHeil.com. 
  • Click the “Secure Dealer Login” button at the top of the screen to login. 
  • When the window opens, enter your dealer phone number and password in the spaces provided. (If you are a first time user, click the “First Time User” link or call 1-865-690-1990 for assistance.) 
  • Click the “AdVantage Portal” link to go to your site and get started boosting your business today!