Be a "Comfort Coach"


Listen to Comfort Concerns
to Determine if Ductless is the Perfect Solution
The Heil® Ductless Line Provides Flexibility, Efficiency, Comfort and More!

The primary reason customers call you is because they are "uncomfortable" with their current home or business HVAC system. Be a "Comfort Coach" by listening to their comfort concerns and offering a solution that provides application flexibility, energy efficiency, superior heating and cooling, custom comfort, contemporary designs, and quiet operation at affordable pricing...sounds like the Heil® Ductless line may be the answer!

ASK QUESTIONS to better understand your customers' comfort issues so you can determine if ductless is the way to go. Here are some questions you might ask:


  • Are you or family members uncomfortable throughout the entire house or only in specific rooms (i.e., sunroom, basement bedroom or board room)?
  • Are you planning to add on to your home or business soon?
  • Have you noticed an increase in your heating or cooling bills recently? 
  • Do you seem to have hot or cold spots in the house or business? 
  • What do your current indoor and outdoor HVAC units look like?
  • How quiet is your current HVAC system?
  • What is your budget for a new or upgraded HVAC system?
Once you have asked a question it is critical to LISTEN CAREFULLY. Listen to how the customer responds and jot down a few notes so you can discuss if ductless may be the solution. Be a "Comfort Coach" for your customers by explaining the benefits of the Heil line of ductless products:

GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES: If customers said specific rooms are uncomfortable or they would like a room addition but don't want to redo the entire HVAC system, ductless may be the answer.

HERE'S WHY: The Heil Ductless line offers great application flexibility. It is ideal for small places without ductwork — a new room addition, the sunroom, the basement or garage. So, if the teenage daughter in the basement bedroom is always cold, ductless could be the solution. Ductless units use line sets (a few wires and a refrigerant line) rather than ductwork, so they are easy to install or add on anywhere with electrical access and mountable space. And, the teenager can easily set the basement ductless unit to the temperature she prefers. Problem solved!


ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND SAVINGS: If customers indicated a recent increase in their heating/cooling bills, they are probably wasting money. Ductless could help your customers save energy and money in the future.

HERE'S WHY: Several systems of the Heil Ductless line offer efficiency ratings up to 30.5 SEER, up to 10.3 HSPF and 15.6 EER. And, many of the Heil Ductless systems are also ENERGY STAR® qualified.

SUPERIOR HEATING/COOLING PERFORMANCE: If customers said they've noticed hot or cold spots in their homes or businesses, their current HVAC system may not be performing as it should. Ductless systems provide superior heating/cooling performance.

HERE'S WHY: Heil Ductless products utilize inverter technology to achieve cooling at outdoor temperatures up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and heating at outdoor temperatures down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. That means customers can count on the comfort of Heil Ductless systems even in the most extreme conditions.

CUSTOM COMFORT: Most customers want to be comfortable throughout their entire home or business, not just one room.

HERE'S WHY: That's the beauty of the Heil Ductless line. It provides comfort that is customized to each customer's needs. You can provide single or multi-zone comfort, depending on whether the customer simply needs to add on to the current HVAC system and heat/cool one room or purchase an expanded ductless system to heat/cool the entire house or business. Heil multi-zone ductless systems can control up to nine air handler units at one time — all connected to just one outdoor condenser.


LOW PROFILE DESIGNS: If customers' indoor or outdoor units look large and clunky, you might show them the streamlined Heil Ductless products. Click here to download the Heil Ductless Product Catalog.

HERE'S WHY: The new Cassette, High Wall and Floor Console ductless units are very low profile with clean, contemporary designs. And, with the small footprint of the outdoor ductless condenser, it won't detract from the customer's deck, pool or backyard landscaping.

QUIET OPERATION: If customers said their current HVAC systems are rather loud or disruptive, a Heil Ductless system may provide a little peace and quiet.

HERE'S WHY: The variable speed compressor operates efficiently and quietly inside a sound-insulating cabinet.

The Heil Ductless line of products just may be the perfect HVAC solution. They offer customers application flexibility, energy efficiency, superior heating and cooling, custom comfort, contemporary designs and quiet operation at affordable pricing. Be the "Comfort Coach" in your neck of the woods. Solve customer comfort concerns and sell more Heil Ductless systems this season.