You Asked, We Delivered: Check Out the New Furnace Enhancements!

 Performance Series Furnace Enhancements:
New and Improved Thanks to Your Suggestions

YOU ASKED AND WE DELIVERED... Look at the new and improved Heil® Performance Series furnaces with product improvements suggested by dealers like you.

Heil Performance 95 and 92 furnaces provide consumers with energy efficiency, increased comfort, durable performance and more with these new enhancements:

1. They help protect your bottom line with features that make the furnaces easier to install and service — and to do it right the first time.

2. They make the Heil furnace line easier to sell by driving sales of high quality units that are affordable.

Let's check out the Heil Performance Series furnace improvements in more detail:


Control Board: As the brains of the furnace, the control board is one of the most important components. While many competitors purchase their control boards from other sources, Heil engineers design, quality test (and re-test) and manufacture the control boards in the Heil furnaces.

Heil doesn't trust the intelligence behind those furnaces to just anyone!


Wiring Harness: The wiring harness is a critical component since it connects the control board to the furnace.

If you are troubleshooting an issue or performing routine maintenance, you don't want to have to disconnect the control board from the furnace in order to remove the blower assembly.

An extra-long wiring harness to the rescue! No more time wasted un-doing/ re-doing connections to the control board.


Condensate Trap: Thanks to your suggestions, engineers created a new Heil condensate trap that is translucent. Now, you can see through the trap, which makes furnace installation easier and makes it easier to check for debris during cleaning/ routine maintenance calls.

With the previous opaque condensate trap, dealers had to completely remove the trap to check liquid level for priming the system and/or checking for debris. This new and improved condensate trap makes Heil furnaces easier to install and service.


Door Switch: The prior rocker door switch on Heil furnaces had a slight lip on the edge of the switch so the door at times would not align or secure properly. 

Heil engineers developed a new power door switch with a rounded edge to ensure the door is aligned and secured.



Drain Clamps: The previous drain clamp arms were rather short and required a lot of force to open (with or without a tool).

Gone are those tiny arms on the drain clamps! Make way for a new and improved drain clamp design with longer arms for easier installation.


Airflow Settings Guide: It's important to get the correct airflow settings for maximum customized comfort for homeowners. And, dialing in the proper airflow used to be a rather time-consuming process for installers.

Not anymore! Heil has added a "Quick Reference Guide for the DIP Switch Settings for Airflows." The Guide indicates what the switches are for and the default settings as shipped from the factory. It appears on variable-speed furnaces to assist in setting the proper airflows.

Of course, if the Heil system includes an Observer® communicating wall control, there's no need to set any switches at all since the system is self-configuring.

AND THERE'S MORE TO COME... In addition to the furnace enhancements discussed above, more improvements will be coming your way in early 2018, including adjustments to the gas valve and bottom closure of the
Heil Performance Series furnaces.

Gas Valve: For a gas valve to operate properly, the manifold pressure must be adjusted at the valve.

Dealers said the adjustment itself is not difficult, but accessing the manifold pressure taps can sometimes be a challenge.

Heil engineers will be moving the manifold pressure taps to the front of the gas valve and raising the tap openings. This change will make it less time consuming for the calibration and easier to install differential pressure gauge tubing in the future.

Bottom Closure: Heil engineers will be redesigning the bottom furnace closure and panel to add strength and make sealing easier.

The bottom panel will be held firmly in place with just two screws. This change will make the bottom panel stronger for transporting the furnace with only a hand truck.

You Asked and We Delivered...the Heil Performance Series furnaces are better than ever! These product improvements will make Heil furnaces easier to sell, install, and service. It's a WIN for Heil, a WIN for dealers, and a WIN for customers, just in time for fall and winter.