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Attract More Customers Than Ever Before With GoHeil
What’s on GoHeil.com Part 1

Every business needs a steady supply of customers in order to thrive. The HVAC industry is no different. 

Here on GoHeil.com, you’ll find several tools to help bring in more customers, close more sales and keep more customers for life.

Ready to get started? 

On any page in the site, you’ll find a link to Business Building Tools: 


This page connects you to many of the best sales and marketing tools GoHeil offers:

Own Targeted Neighborhoods

Do you wish more potential customers knew about your business? This section contains links to several programs and tools that can help streamline your efforts to promote your business:

AdVantage Program
In just minutes, use the AdVantage program to create a variety of custom marketing materials such as direct mail, yard signs, brochures, flyers and more. Select from prebuilt, customizable templates featuring Heil® logos, products, and artwork or create custom marketing materials using your own photos and ideas. Download the AdVantage mobile app to create and send marketing materials directly from your smart phone!

Custom Branded Business Materials
Consistently branding your business and employees with your company name and the Heil logo can build name recognition and lends authority to your business. Download forms to order custom Heil branded: 

  • Building Signs
  • Apparel & Merchandise
  • Uniforms
  • Vehicle Graphics, Yard Signs & Decals
  • Banners & Posters

Heil Ford® Fleet program
Getting a new vehicle is a major investment in your business. Getting a great discount is a major advantage. You’ll get the best of both worlds when you purchase a new Ford car, truck or van through the Ford Fleet Program, brought to you by ICP.

Advertise to Be Seen in Your Neighborhood    

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, this section contains useful building blocks to create your own marketing campaign.  

Advertising & Brand Guidelines 
Here you will find tips on brand and logo usage to make sure your advertising qualifies for co-op reimbursement, as well as information on what sets the Heil brand apart.

We’ve got a complete library of logos, along with tips for determining which file format works best for your application.

Product Photography
Sample our wide variety of product photos, and learn more about the file format that best suits your application.

Dealer & Lifestyle Photography
We have created all-new dealer photos free for your use to help you market your business. They are ideal for advertising materials such as posters and brochures. You can even use them in sales presentations or small flyers.

Social Media
Download ready to use Heil-branded social media cover photos and posts for your business accounts.

Ad material templates 
Find a variety of ad material templates: web ads, newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, direct mail, e-communications and more—just add your company information and they will be ready to go! 

Best practices
Improve your business with best practices one-sheets by our experts on email marketing, SEO & SEM and Social Media.

Help Homeowners Find You 

If your business is not already included in the Dealer Locator on the Heil consumer website, you should ensure that it is included as soon as possible. It allows customers to search for a Heil dealer by zip code or city and state, making it great source of leads for your business. Signing up is free, and instructions for including your business are located here.


Win More Customers in the Home  

Once customers have found you and invited you into their home to quote a project, how do you close the sale? This section provides helpful resources and materials to position your business above the competition.

Pocket Folder 
Present yourself in a professional manner with a Heil pocket folder. Each folder has two pockets and two business card holders.

Warranty Details 
Better warranties may be the tie-breaker between you and the competition. The Warranty-At-A-Glance brochure provides warranty specifics that will convince any homeowner that our brand delivers longer, stronger protection.

Wells Fargo Retail Services Summary - USA Only
Many customers simply can’t afford the upfront cost of a new heating and cooling system, so it’s important to give them financing options with every sales call. Signing up with Wells Fargo Retail Services is quick and easy.

This new tool allows Heil contractors to offer lease-purchase options for residential replacement HVAC Systems for consumers who may not be approved through traditional financing. It utilizes a simple application process with near-real-time approval decisions. 

Financeit - Canada Only
This convenient new financing tool allows customers to fill out a simple online application. On-the-spot financing will allow you to better understand an individual homeowner’s credit limit and craft a proposal to best meet their cost limit.  

Geothermal Financing through EGIA
More and more homeowners are turning to financing as a method for paying for their geothermal installations. That is why we have partnered with EGIA to provide discounted EGIA membership to Heil dealers which includes access to EGIA's industry leading GEOSmart Financing Programs and additional member benefits that include world-class contractor training through EGIA Contractor University and more.

Keep Customers for Life and Get more Referrals

Do you know the potential lifetime value of a customer? In heating and cooling markets, the average is $45,000. For heating only markets, it's $35,000. Coastal areas track upwards of $50,000. With those figures in mind, it is essential to the long-term sustainability of your business that you keep your customers for life!

AdVantage Program
In addition to building awareness about your company, the AdVantage program also offers several tools to help keep your customers coming back, such as yard signs, magnets and thank you cards. 

Seasonal Homeowner Mailer
In just 5 minutes, you can customize seasonal mailers that will keep the phone ringing while boosting customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to keep coming back when they hear from you regularly.

Extended Service Agreement Program
Offering service contracts is a great way to give customers the peace of mind that downtime will be minimal and repairs to their HVAC unit will be covered. Extended Service Agreements are an industry-proven program that will help you keep a long-term relationship with your homeowner.

By using all of the available business building tools, you will soon draw in more customers, close more sales and keep more customers for life!

Learn where to get the latest industry information and complete Heil product information in Part 2.