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Geothermal Q & A
Talk with Geothermal Technical Trainer Garry Sexton

Garry Sexton
Geothermal Technical Trainer
Heil Heating & Cooling Products

The Heil® geothermal product line utilizes renewable energy from the earth to provide consistent comfort, energy savings and sustainability. With several package, split and water-to-water models, Heil geothermal units provide even temperatures, humidity control and superior efficiency, with some models achieving up to 30.5 EER and 5.2 COP.

Geothermal installations can be simple with the proper training. Today, we're talking with Geothermal Technical Trainer Garry Sexton* about everything from training courses and common diagnostic errors to the future of the geothermal market.

Q: Why is training so important for geothermal technicians? 

A: Geothermal heat pumps require specific installation and setup techniques, including a thorough understanding of data sheets and water side diagnostics that HVAC technicians may not have received training on. Our training sessions are designed to focus on these areas with an emphasis on diagnostics.


Q: What can dealers expect when attending a Heil geothermal heat pump training seminar? 

A: We provide interactive training that engages students. We ask each participant to use critical thinking skills to solve real world field issues.

Q: What experiences have you had since joining the Heil Technical Training Team?

A: The feedback we've received from contractors and distributors on the Heil geothermal product line has been exceptional. Heil products are unique in the geothermal market. They are world-class products that represent careful design criteria and craftsmanship.

Responses on the training sessions have been equally as positive. Participants leave fully equipped to install, maintain and solve field problems. To my knowledge, our competitors do not provide factory tours or training of this nature.

I am thrilled to be part of the Heil Technical Training Team. We provide the best products, sales tools and support. All of that coupled with the extensive dealer programs ensures that our customers receive products that will meet or exceed their heating and cooling needs for the next 20+ years.

Q: Based on your 37 years in the geothermal industry, what are the most common mistakes technicians make that could have been easily avoided with the proper training?

A: The most common mistake is incorrect diagnosis of a problem unit. Utilizing proven water side diagnostic techniques, a technician can accurately and quickly resolve the most common service-related issues. In our training courses, we explain key troubleshooting techniques and get students actively involved in using those skills before they leave the classroom.

Q: What are your thoughts on the short- and long-term future of geothermal HVAC products?

A: There is a bright future for geothermal equipment throughout the U.S. and Canada. A key component of our success will be to engage our salespeople, technicians and installation professionals and help them understand why geothermal heat pumps are the top tier of HVAC systems.

Another key component is educating customers. These days we hear growing concerns about environmental emissions and heating/cooling and hot water costs. In most cases, geothermal heat pumps address these issues and provide the best value for consumers and the environment.

See Your Heil Distributor About Scheduling Geothermal Technical Training in Your Area

Classes are filling up quickly. Be sure to talk with your distributor about scheduling a geothermal training session in your area soon.

The following courses are available:

  • Geothermal Start-Up and Commissioning
  • Geothermal Troubleshooting: Solve the Right Problem
  • Geothermal Installation: Process for Success

*Garry Sexton is a Geothermal Technical Trainer for Heil Heating & Cooling Products. With more than 37 years of experience in the geothermal industry, Garry has worked as a mechanical contractor, a territory sales manager, a regional sales manager, a director of training, and the vice president of international sales for major geothermal heat pump manufacturers. In 2007, he founded a mechanical engineering/contracting company focused on the delivery of engineering and design services for renewable energy technologies (primarily geothermal) in China and Korea. Garry is IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) accredited as both an authorized installer and a certified training instructor.