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Building Customer Trust: 
Setting Yourself Apart 

Most HVAC sales professionals agree their closing percentages double or even triple when selling to referral or repeat customers.  With these customers, the trust that is often paramount to success has already been established!

Reaching this level of trust with customers that found you through the internet or other marketing efforts is difficult but not impossible.  Below are some steps you can take to begin building a customer’s trust before you meet them for the first time: 

#1 Confirmation Email
Send the customer an appointment confirmation e-mail with your picture and a picture of the vehicle you will be driving.  This brief e-mail should confirm the appointment time and let the customer know what to expect during the call, including the estimated length of the visit, areas you will need to access and who should be present.

#2 Arriving at the Home
Call the customer when you are on the way and make every effort to be on time.  Arriving too early catches the customer unprepared and arriving too late demonstrates you have no respect for their time.  Upon arrival, park in an area that will not disrupt the household traffic flow. Keep in mind the customer is probably watching and evaluating you, even though you can’t see them.  

 #3 Third Party Proof of Insurance
Develop and carry a tabbed binder with your 3rd Party Proof documentation and include:

  • Insurance Certificates 
  • Better Business Bureau Reports 
  • Pictures of Jobs 
  • Employee Certifications          
  • Load Calculation Articles 
  • Utility Recommendations 
  • Business Awards 
  •  Any other items of customer interest        

Nearly every homeowner has had a bad experience with a contractor at some point.  Building trust early and often will make that customer look for reasons to buy from you.  Set yourself apart from your competition.   

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