2017: A Year Without New Regulations


No New Regulations…Now What?    

Over the past decade, changes to federal regulations have become an annual tradition in the HVAC business. You’ve seen a major change in refrigerants mixed in with 10 years of ever-tightening efficiency standards that culminated in the regional efficiency standards that divided the U.S. map into two, then three regions.

Finally, the year 2017 has arrived with no new regulations, giving you an opportunity to catch your breath. Without the headache of learning new rules, reporting and recordkeeping under threat of serious penalties, you may find time to work on other parts of your business that you simply haven’t had time for over the past several years. Consider the following ideas:

1. Learn about newer products and add them to your current offering to appeal to a wider customer base.

Variable Speed Inverter AC & HP 
The Heil® 
QuietComfort® Deluxe 19 Variable Speed Air Conditioner with SmartSense Technology and QuietComfort Deluxe 18 Variable Speed Heat Pump with SmartSense Technology are available at a similar cost to two-stage products. These exciting new products offer a number of attractive features that appeal to discerning customers, including increased efficiency, enhanced comfort, low sound, compact size, more flexibility, and intelligent operation. For more information, click here.

Ductless Systems 
The Heil QuietComfort Deluxe Series is Heil’s most advanced line of ductless products, capable of achieving up to 30.5 SEER and up to 10.3 HSPF. A ductless system is often the ideal heating and cooling solution for room additions or buildings lacking sufficient ductwork or presenting other structural challenges to the installation of traditional heating and cooling systems. For more information, click here.

Geothermal Systems
The Heil geothermal product line contains a variety of options and models, including package units, split units and water-to-water units. These systems offer tremendous energy efficiency and long-term cost savings, with some achieving up to 30 EER and 5.2 COP. These new units are designed to provide consistent comfort and energy savings for the customer, and ease of installation and application flexibility for the contractor. A geothermal system can be the fantastic option your next customer is looking for. For more information, 
click here.

Commercial Systems 
The commercial market has been steadily increasing for several years and has now returned to pre-recession levels. Approximately 1.1 million units were installed 20 years ago, making the replacement market a great place to get your foot in the door. Many current Heil commercial models have the same footprint as previous Heil commercial and competitor’s models, greatly simplifying replacement. The ICP Commercial Rooftop Selection Mobile App makes on the spot selection of commercial rooftop equipment easy. For more information, click here.
Air Purifiers
Adding accessories to a new heating and cooling system is a great way to improve your customers’ satisfaction with their new system and boost your bottom line. An Heil Air Purifier treats 100% of the air flowing through a home comfort system by removing germs, pollen and mold in three simple steps: Charge – Capture – Kill. Consider explaining the benefits of a Heil Air Purifier next time you bid on a new home comfort system. For more information, 
click here.

2. Catch up on training. 

Heil offers access to free training modules from My Learning Center on a range of topics relevant to your business. Learn how to improve your customer interactions and run your business more efficiently. 

The training modules are self-paced. If you start a training class and get interrupted for some reason, you can suspend the training and pick the class back up at a later time.

My Learning Center will also help you quickly and easily track your training hours. The My Training section keeps a comprehensive list of all the training courses you have completed throughout the year and helps you obtain Elite Dealer hours

Click here to learn how to access My Learning Center.

3. Overhaul your sales pitch. 

Are you offering your customers choices? 

It’s your job to educate your customers about the products currently available. Offer them choices to help them decide which option is best for their needs and budgets.

A longtime best practice in sales has been to offer customers three options equipped with various features and accessories marketed as “good-better-best.” Today’s best salespeople have expanded this traditional sales strategy to include a fourth, more premium tier: “fantastic.” By utilizing this strategy in your business, you can raise your average sale and increase profitability. 

Consider the following “fantastic” example for a customer in need of a new air conditioner: 

  • Fantastic option: QuietComfort Deluxe 19 SEER inverter variable-speed air conditioner with SmartSense technology 
  • Best option: QuietComfort Deluxe 17 two-stage high efficiency model 
  • Better option: QuietComfort 16 single-stage model 
  • Good option: QuietComfort 14 single-stage model

Remember that this set of options is just one example. Customize your offering to best suit the market, season and individual customer. 

For more information on this topic, click here.

Years free of new federal regulations like this one have become few and far between. Make sure you take full advantage of 2017!  

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