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Taking Financing to the Next Level

Offering Consumer Financing Part 3

By Michael Hunter
Head Coach & Trainer
Business Development Resources

Can you relate to the following? 

You’ve heard all about the benefits of customer financing and even signed up for the Heil® financing program. You started offering financing to your customers and even used it to close a few more sales, but now what? You’re not sure how to take your customer financing program to the next level. 

Ask yourself the following question:

Do you have a plan in place for how to use your customer financing program?  

Make a plan. And follow it. 

To maximize the impact of your customer financing program, it is essential that you build a consistent process within your company to highlight and discuss financing with every customer:

  • With each incoming call, introduce financing to potential customers: “We have multiple no interest financing options available for customers to take advantage of." 
  • Script your customer interactions. Work with each part of your team to develop scripts they can use to seamlessly weave financing into their customer interactions.
  • Mention financing on your website. Once you are enrolled in the Heil financing program, you can add a link to your website so customers can get prequalified for financing online. 
  • Build financing into every proposal. Make it the primary option, ahead of cash. 

Once you have a consistent process in place and have mastered offering the Heil financing program, you will be ready to begin offering tiered financing options. 

Offer tiered financing options.

As we discussed previously, today’s most successful salespeople have expanded their traditional “good, better, best” sales strategy to include a fourth, more premium tier: “fantastic.” Tier your financing the same way. 

If you offer four product choices to the customer (good, better, best, fantastic), you should offer four corresponding financing choices. Tiered financing provides you with a unique financing offering that corresponds to each product offering. 

Include your best financing rates with your fantastic option so that option has the lowest monthly payment, making it the most attractive option. This is a great opportunity for customers because it gives them the opportunity to have the best possible system with an affordable monthly payment. Remember that most consumers don’t have enough money saved to cover the cost of a new system. You should offer corresponding financing options for your good, better and best equipment options. 

Consider the following example: 

  • Fantastic option – Fantastic financing terms & lowest monthly payment
  • Best option – Best financing terms & 2nd lowest monthly payment 
  • Better option – Better financing terms & 3rd lowest monthly payment
  • Good option – Good financing terms & 4th lowest monthly payment     





Monthly Payment




60 Months





48 Months





36 Months





24 Months


Numbers above are not intended to establish a price, but rather to show relationships between the tiers and are for example purposes only.

If you offer financing in this manner, you are providing customers the opportunity to choose the option that gives them the system they want for a monthly payment they can afford.

Your customers today are already using financing to make most of their major purchases. For your financing program to truly succeed, you must implement a consistent process that highlights and sells the benefits of financing. Tiered financing gives consumers more choices and options, making your highest efficiency equipment the most attractive option by giving it the best financing terms and lowest monthly payment.

Click here for information about participating in the Heil Financing Program. 

About the Author: 
Michael Hunter has 18 years of experience in the HVAC industry spanning multiple roles in distribution, as a territory manager and as the highly successful general manager of a business in Idaho. He is now a trainer and coach for Business Development Resources (BDR) who leads the Foundations for Profit & Growth training class.    

About BDR: 
BDR is the premier provider of business training and coaching services to HVAC contractors. BDR is an authorized training provider for International Comfort Products.