How Much Do Your Customers Have in the Bank?




"69% of Americans Have 
Less than $1000 in Savings." 

A recent survey conducted by revealed this shocking statistic.1  Understanding the finances of the average American is paramount to the success of your business.  The absence of a sound financing strategy for your customers may limit you to a mere 31% of the market.  

Financing Allows Customers to Choose Ideal Home Comfort Options

Many homeowners will plan and save for a variety of events including retirement, a child’s education or a nice vacation.  Few, if any, save for a new HVAC system.  When they find out they are going to need one, they try to scrape the money together.  Consequently, they become extremely price-sensitive, putting you in an unfavorable position.      

Without access to financing, customers may want a better system for their homes, but find themselves simply unable to afford it.  Allow your customers the opportunity to pick better equipment, accessories and maintenance plans by implementing a strategic financing plan.    

Even if you are currently offering financing, your process may be restricting your results.  A good financing strategy:

  • Provides a positive customer experience. 
  • Offers a variety of customized plans to the customer. 
  • Secures non-stressful approvals prior to the sales presentation. 

Additional information on financing is available on under the Business Building Tools – Win More Customers in the Home tab.  A great financing plan will win lifetime customers, grow incremental sales and allow your customers to enjoy the benefits of improved indoor air quality! 

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