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Top 5 AdVantage Tools Today!

Looking for an easy way to keep the customers you have and find new ones? Look no further--Heil® provides you with access to the AdVantageSM program.  

Use the AdVantage program to create a variety of custom marketing tools in just minutes. Select from prebuilt, customizable templates featuring Heil logos, products, and artwork or create your own using your own photos and ideas.

Take a look at the top five programs and consider how they can start boosting your business today: 

1. Thank You Cards 

Once you’ve completed a job, let customers know you appreciate their business by sending them a thank you card. Thanking your customers is an easy way to build customer loyalty and drive sales. It’s a great time to ask for referrals too.

Don’t want to deal with an additional task when you get back to the shop? The AdVantage mobile app lets you send a card while still in the customer’s driveway!

2. Service Reminders  

Are you reminding your customers to have their equipment serviced twice a year? 

If not, you’re leaving money on the table. 

Service reminders help your customers maintain higher efficiency levels and increase trust in your business. 

Additionally, they keep your technicians familiar with the installed equipment and busy during slower parts of the year. The AdVantage program will even remind you when it’s time to mail them again. 

3. Satisfaction Surveys 

Gathering feedback from your customers will provide a wealth of information about your products, services, and most importantly how your employees interact with your customers.

Start with a template or create your own questions and responses. You can choose from a variety of options for the homeowner to complete:

  • Have the homeowner complete the survey from your tablet or mobile phone prior to leaving the house.
  • Send a thank you card with a QR code. When scanned with a smart phone the survey will open for the homeowner to complete. 
  • Email a survey link to your customers for completion. 
  • Place a widget on your website or Facebook page for customers to leave feedback. 
For more information on satisfaction surveys, click here

4. Custom Brochures, Flyers and Tri-Folds 

Heil literature custom branded for your company provides detailed information about the products and services your company offers while lending credibility to your company’s brand.  

Select from predesigned literature or build your own to suit your customer base. 

With a Choices brochure, you can present solutions and let your customers chose the products that best meet their individual needs and budgets. Use it to provide a good-better-best product offering to give your customers an opportunity to select suitable higher efficiency products.

If you don’t offer top-end systems, you certainly won’t sell them. Customizing your brochure to include product mix, colors, images and information about your company is easy with AdVantage. 

5. Lead Generator Cards 

You’ve identified a great new area to target, but how can you reach those homeowners?

Lead generator cards from AdVantage allow you to target specific neighborhoods or areas with direct mail that tells homeowners about your company, the products you sell and provides a call to action to act now. 

Sort by demographics, such as age of home, household income, home value, new movers, and more.

Or use mapping features to draw a radius on a map, select by zip code or select counties.  

You can even use the mobile app to send lead generation cards to a target neighborhood while you are parked in it!  

For more information on lead generator cards, click here. 

Wondering how to access the AdVantage program?

  • Go to 
  • Click the “Secure Dealer Login” button at the top of the screen to login. 
  • When the window opens, enter your dealer phone number and password in the spaces provided. (If you are a first time user, click the “First Time User” link or call 1-865-690-1990 for assistance.) 
  • Click the “AdVantage Portal” link to go to your site and get started boosting your business today!