Win More Customers in the Home

Win More Customers in the Home

Pocket Folder

Present yourself in a professional manner with a Arcoaire pocket folder. Each folder has two pockets and two business card holders.

Warranty Details

Here are warranty specifics that will convince any homeowner that our brand delivers longer, stronger protection.

Warranty Comparison

Strong warranties are often the “tie-breaker” in the home — and our warranties are second to none! The “Warranties at a Glance” brochure will help you demonstrate our warranty superiority.

Wells Fargo Retail Services Summary

It's important to give your customers financing options with every sales call. Signing up with Wells Fargo Retail Services is quick and easy. Sign up here with Wells Fargo Retail Services.


Microf is the leading provider of residential lease-purchase solutions to the HVAC industry and is now available to all ICP distributors and contractors. Learn more about how this product offering can help you.

Financeit (For Canada Only)

Financeit adds value to your brand. By offering your customers a secure, flexible and fair payment option they can be confident in, you give them the power to buy more.

Geothermal Financing through EGIA

In today's marketplace, more and more homeowners are turning to financing as a method for paying for their geothermal installations. That is why we have partnered with EGIA to provide discounted EGIA membership to ICP dealers which includes access to EGIA's industry leading GEOSmartFinancing Programs and additional member benefits that include world-class contractor training through EGIA Contractor University and more.